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A Sinner’s Prayer in Rhyme

Updated: Feb 17

Dear Holy God,

I come to thee on bended knee

to change.

There is no deed nor act too grand

that lies outside your range.

I’ve strayed away from path you lay,

once more a sinner lost.

I come to you in name of He whose

blood paid my sin’s cost.

Your mercy and your grace be why

this wretched flea can plea.

I come before your Holy Throne

beseeching please help me!

Please purge my doubt and cleanse

my fear, though fear of you is right.

I tremble and rejoice for you are

greater than all might.

Once more have I obeyed you not,

my pride chose sinful glee.

Forgive me, Lord, for all I’ve done,

both seen and yet to see.

You need not all I offer yet

you offer all I need.

Forgive my pride, wrath, envy, lust,

my sloth and glutton greed.

Your manna bread sustains me and

your blood be finest wine.

I cry to you my Lord Most High,

King Trinity divine.

Father, Son, and Holy Ghost,

I bear your royal seal.

I praise you in great gratitude and

give you all my zeal.

I know that you are God when I

surrender to "Be still."

This day and all my days to come,

please mold me to your will.

I rise a chosen son set free,

safe in the lion’s den.

You alone are Holy, God.

I worship you.


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