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Beloved brothers and sisters,

I'm taking some time for self care and to process my emotions. I've seen some pretty horrible things because it's our job to see horrible things.

I absolutely love chaplaincy and ministry. I could not be more passionate about our work. With that said, there are two things that still shake me to my very core when they happen:

1.) the death of a child.

2.) the number of people I see who die alone.

I wrote this poem to process my feelings around these tragedies, though this poem addresses mostly the second one.

I have always included a message of hope in my poetry before today, but for this one I decided to just acknowledge the raw, terrible reality that we see so many people experience every single day, without adding any form of positivity or encouragement to it.

Needless to say, it's a short, but heavy, poem.

Our society is very sick. If you ever doubt the importance of the work that you do or if you ever doubt that you are the one God has called to do it, please know that you are desperately needed and your brightness is blinding to those of us whose eyes have been opened and see.

Thank you for what you wake up to do every single day. You are a blessing to this Earth and you are the light of a dark world. Once again, I'll end by saying it is an honor and a privilege to walk among other men and women who have answered God's call to serve.

God bless you and shine bright,


Busy, busy, busy, all for me, me, me.

All too busy so we never hear from friends or family.

I see so many people die afraid and all alone;

if only someone cared enough to just pick up the phone.

Perhaps when I am sick or I am just about to sleep,

then someone may pretend to care enough to sob and weep.

Busy, busy, busy, all for me, me, me.

This world is truly awful and a lonely place to be.

Alone by Paul R.S. Hanna

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