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Bullets and Nails

Bullets and Nails

I see holes in your hands and feet, where nail did hammer pound.

Bullet holes you took for me, six feet beneath the ground.

Far deeper than mere mortal wound of gunshot meant to fell.

Shrapnel shot of pain and grave meant to bind all to Hell.

A careless word, spoke long ago, in moment passing by.

A dream in clouds of child pure, long lost to darkened sky.

A fading scar and seething wound in old man’s shattered pride.

A broken heart in tatters batters groom’s rejected bride.

Unholy breach of sacred chaste by beastly act of rape.

Holes in wounded souls won’t close, for pain holds them agape.

I see these holes in holy hands from bullets meant for me.

These holes of unforgiving nail are not our destiny.

A daughter seeks his praise, but father grieves what could have been his son.

A man betrayed by friend, a mother weeps, unseen for all she’s done.

A boy born into poverty, from father never known.

A daughter lost in mother’s womb, never to see her grown.

A man enslaved to pain in pleasure by that he loves and hates.

A refugee who’s on the run, rejected at the gates.

Your resurrected body still bears holes you bore for me.

What is it that you’re saying with these holes we can still see?

He disavowed their marriage vows for younger beauty, thief!

A sister far too young was taken, a brother’s faith destroyed by grief.

She sought her church for healing, found deception and abuse.

He bows his head in shame, he knows that he has no excuse.

We’ve all placed trust in someone’s word who promise did not keep.

We all bear scars and wounds and pain we hold at our most deep,

and if we’re being honest, we know we’ve hurt others too.

Our wounds are so contagious one soul’s pain creates holes two.

The holes in me are no excuse to pepper him with hate.

We all fail to be salt sometimes. To God, all reprobate.

The nails and bullets we deserve were borne by you most pure.

Your death and resurrection be our one and only cure.

The holes we see in you are the last holes to ever be.

You heal all wounds and close all holes. In Christ, our souls live free.

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