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Darkness in the Light

Updated: Feb 5

This poem is dedicated to someone who recently lost a child. I hope and pray that anyone who has lost a loved one can find strength, comfort and hope in this poem. God bless you and shine bright!

Fear not the cold dark of the night,

for what is dark but absent light?

Our eyes first kiss before lips miss;

souls weave before hearts grieve.

Soft fingers comb through tangled hair,

before we reach for hand not there.

We know kind face and warm embrace,

before we wake to empty place.

Laughter huffs as heartstrings sing,

then darkness snuffs as winter stings.

When love is gone, dark curtains drawn,

bright stars upon, we wish for dawn.

Death’s dark disguise, pain lies in guise,

the Son who rose says sons will rise.

Although not here, have faith to hear.

They are not far, reunions near.

Though truth belies, love cannot lie.

Christ death defies and opens eyes.

Life in His breath is death to death.

He reigns beneath in thorn crowned wreath.

He is the Door and holds the key.

His yoke is light; the Day shall be.

He sees your pain; He weeps with thee.

He is the Way, seek Life in He.

Light cannot hide. He is our Guide;

all who abide, Christ shall provide.

We need no might. He shines us bright.

He is our Light: sight in the night.

With morning shine, comes He divine.

We’ll feast and dine on bread and wine.

When Heaven comes and Earth is new.

The dead will rise by living dew.

The pain we feel, hope can't conceal,

but light reveals all Christ shall heal.

Fear not the cold dark of the night,

for what is dark but absent light?

Darkness in the Light

By Paul R.S. Hanna

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