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I finished writing a new poem today. You all know I have a flair for the dramatic. I really, really wanted to use this poem as an opportunity to coin the phrase “Apologetic Poetry” but sadly, without the “s” at the end, apologetic means exactly the opposite of what I intended that phrase to mean. We must not dwell on such lost opportunities because doing so prevents us from seeing the infinite possibilities that still lie ahead. I’m excited to share with you my first attempt at apologetics through poetry:

Goodness! Where could goodness be? A good God be, say thee?

A good God made this world I see? How good could your God be?

Good and goodness claim to be, this God from your good book.

If God be real God can’t be good. Just go outside and look.

Good friend my faith that God is good. It's true! I do proclaim.

My God knows good can only be, when goodness be our aim.

Goodness was and yet shall be. In God, I do rejoice!

For good to be, will must be free. God knows good must be choice.

The good in thee my God does see, but evil God sees too.

His goodness see and good pursue, that’s all God asks of you.

To ask is good, and good, to ask. My goodness, can’t you see?

For good be we when we ask God what good could still yet be.

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