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Guilt-Free Grief

Updated: Jun 27

Grief is the final sting of a scar’s mother,

silent fears and silenced futures stain swords

slumbering in the Father’s sheathe.

We hurt because

we love them.

We hurt because

we hate them.

We loved them, even when

we hated them.

We hated them because

they hurt us.

They hurt us because

we hurt them.

We hurt because

they love to win.

They hurt because

we love to sin.

They loved us, even when

they hated us.

They hate because

they hurt.

We hurt because

they loved.

We love because

they lived.

They live because

we love.

We give even when

love hurts.

We forgive because

love lives.

Guilt-Free Grief

by Paul R.S. Hanna

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