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Hello, pleased to meet you.

Hello there, pleased to meet you, friend.

Can you spare a moment of no end?

I do not accept you as I see.

Hear not, friend, please, not dear to me.

I say please don’t stay where you are.

I see eyes, seeds, bright, blooming stars.

You do not have to change for me.

I love you here right now, please see.

My God loves, too, yes, you that be;

you please him and love pleases me.

I desire not, “please be like me”,

nor ask I any “please come be…”

How could I know who ought be you?

I’d first like ask, please, you are who?

Perhaps you’ve battled raging storm;

a tale or two, too, please inform.

My tale, some ail, some ale, some pals, tails.

We laugh when we fail but, please, file your nails.

We fly in deep seas; we swim up tall trees;

we cry when milk spills; cubes sweet, please, in tea.

Some say they know who you should be.

I want who you most please to be.

I seek to speak truth, thank you, please.

I sail warm winds, seek pleasing breeze.

I ask not, God, please change you, know.

I ask all we could be, please show.

My God writes me in great journeys.

Hills green, still waters, most please me.

Our next page, I’d be pleased to share.

Where we please God, he’ll please us there.

Please know, my grateful knows no end,

and pleased, when you, please, call me friend.

Hello, pleased to meet you.

by Paul R.S. Hanna

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