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I am not your Savior

Updated: Feb 20

I thank my God that I’m not God;

the Earth would be my lightning rod.

I’d spare men not my wrath and ire.

I’d cleanse this world and flood hellfire.

Dads who murder pure young child.

Moms who let their kids run wild.

Amputees and refugees.

Scalpels forge identities.

I’d children save, the rest enslave;

Justice on all men depraved.

The pain some dare to cause, man bold.

I’d pour on him a thousand-fold.

The lies that woman speaks in ear,

because she is to yet learn fear.

Wooly wolves, all mammoth beast,

preying on the poor and least.

Rainbows gray, dove feathers black,

no place to hide from my attack.

This world is evil, through and through.

I’d purge this world of men like you.

A new Earth pure, kind, just and free;

no more wretched men like me.

I thank my God I’ve power mute,

for I too eat forbidden fruit.

Mercy me, a Savior be!

I thank my God I am not He.

Merciful will mercy know;

my God commands to mercy show.

On Judgement Day, seek not my face,

for I cannot give Life and Grace.

Dead men lost to sin enticed,

be grateful God sent Jesus Christ.

I am not your Savior

by Paul R.S. Hanna

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