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I apologize for some of my chosen words

I had a great conversation with a Jewish Rabbi today who is broadly supportive and deeply appreciative of the hard line I am taking against antisemitism in our society. He was actually surprised I am so passionate about this as a non-Jew, which breaks my heart.

While this Rabbi agrees that Claudine Gay and Sally Kornbluth absolutely must resign over their failure to protect their Jewish students, he also told me he does not support or agree with my decision to make comparisons to Nazi Germany and Hitler because doing so actually devalues those words in the fight against antisemitism.

I'm still on a one-man mission to hold Harvard and MIT accountable for their abhorrent congressional testimony last week, but I apologize for referencing Adolf Hitler in my last poem. I will avoid using such strong language and invoking Nazi imagery in the fight against antisemitism unless someone truly meets the bar of advocating for the systematic eradication and genocide of Jews.

Which will hopefully be never....

I apologize to Harvard, Gay, M.I.T., Kornbluff and to all Jewish communities for my misuse of language.

I do not apologize for demanding that Gay and Kornbluff resign. They absolutely must resign. Their resignations are not even enough to make amends for what happened last week, but it's a necessary first step for them to recognize their mistake and honor their stated commitment to #NeverAgain.

Thank you and God bless you to anyone and everyone who is willing to join me in this fight against hatred and bigotry.

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