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Millenial atheism versus Gen Z spirituality.

This is anecdotal, but I am shocked at the differences in religious/spiritual belief that I consistently see between Millenials and Gen Z.

When my generation (millennials) stopped believing in God, many stopped believing in the supernatural altogether. The conversation I have with other millenials is often about how God and the supernatural could possibly be real.

Gen Z has no problem believing in the supernatural. They believe in all kinds of things. Zodiac signs. Tarot cards. Crystal vibrations. Invoking spirits. Etc.

Many of the things they are doing are harmless, but some are getting involved with terribly dangerous forces and principalities.

A young Gen Zer recently wanted to talk to be about spirituality and religion. They were interested in my faith, but also asked me if I wanted them to show me a “power” that a spirit gives her. I politely said no, respectfully shared the biblical perspective and asked her to please be careful, then we continued chatting about other things.

We are living in strange times. Gen Z may be lost, but I hope their belief in the spiritual realm means they are not as lost as my own generation.

Please keep shining bright brothers and sisters.


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