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Please pray for me, my brother.

Updated: Feb 5

Please pray for me, my brother,

for I need His might this day.

I, too, ask He shine you bright

and send delight your way.

This age grows cold; the night wanes

dim; this battle we still fight.

With hope and prayer for strength

must we fight darkness with His light.

Heed call, all ye, I need thy aid!

Don armor and don arm.

With righteous plate and belt of

truth, what fear have we of harm?

Tie lace of peace; raise shield of

faith, this war we must take part.

Harm none you see, mistake me not,

we fight this war with art.

We war with words and stroke on

page, we shan’t be overwhelm.

Move quickly, now! We must make

haste. Don your salvation helm!

You fool! Put down that rusty blade,

His will you have mistook.

A sharper sword He forged for thee,

we must unsheathe His Book.

Please pray for me, my sister,

for we need all men of God.

We’re one in Christ, “you cannot

serve” is Satan’s great facade.

Perhaps you write, perhaps you

paint, perhaps it’s song you weave.

I call on all with gift to make,

all artists who believe.

This age of rage, this age of fear,

so many lost to hate.

He saw this day, so us He made,

He made us gifts to make.

If other gifts God gave to you,

when serve you hear Him call.

A different task He’ll ask of you,

I make this call to all.

Please pray for me, my brother,

for love softens hearts of stone.

The mission, help! I call to thee;

I’m food for wolves alone.

Against despair we fight with hope;

their lies we fight with truth.

For those who fear their many years,

His gift of ever youth.

The ones we’ve lost, we’ll see again.

For us, they do yet wait.

We’ll learn they never truly died,

for death is not our fate.

We wait and pray, then pray again.

We pray, we pray, we pray.

To all who hear His voice through

me, come back to Him this day.

Please pray for me, my sister.

This call is not some heist.

Please share with all who love the

Lord and follow Jesus Christ.

Please pray for me, my brother.

It's the most that most can do.

Remember, ye, your power be

the God who works through you.

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