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Speak Less and Learn

In gratitude to Mark and Scott. Thank you for showing me what it truly means to be part of a loving community. I don't know what I would have done without you.

Speak Less and Learn

By Paul R.S. Hanna

A lesson taught, yet still unlearned.

Here find yourself once more.

Until you speak less than you yearn,

I shan't reveal the door.

I see your aim, and courage too.

You long to serve my reign.

Be still and know, my child grow.

My wisdom, ascertain.

With eye do read and ear do hear,

my sons and daughters seek.

With tongue restrain and thumb refrain,

the time shall come to speak.

My sheep must wait, wolf shall abate.

My wrath I shall not hide.

To all who seek my healing grace,

in me you must abide.

To he that doubts yet bears his droughts,

in body sin diseased,

and she that loves who love her not,

with you I am well pleased.

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