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The Clay Chaplain

Today, I have officially been a hospital chaplain for one year. I’ve learned more in the past year than in all the previous 32 years put together. The strangest and most bizarre change is that people keep accusing me of being things like “self-aware” and “a good listener.” Miracles are real, people!

In honor of this milestone, I want to share a small clay figure I made representing me as a chaplain. This was created during an art therapy exercise in my clinical training.

What do you see?

Stop right there! I’m flattered by the comparisons to Michelangelo. Really, I am!

If we’re being honest, it’s not very good, and it’s certainly not perfect, but this clay chaplain is beautiful because he is being molded over time and will be perfect someday. That’s what makes him me, and that’s what makes us all beautiful in the eyes of a Holy God.

I thank my glorious and loving God. I thank my beautiful and long-suffering wife Kayla, and I thank every single person who has had the courage to encourage me over the past year. The next year will be even more exciting, because Jesus, Kayla and I are just getting started.

I pray and ask God for His blessing, favor and peace upon you and yours, in Jesus’ mighty name, Amen.


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