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The Pause of Salvation

I pause and take a moment, breathe!

Who has my master been?

A veil is pierced; the fragrance?

Sweet lies in guise of sin.

Why do I do these things I hate?

What a hypocrite I’ve been!

Why can’t I be the me I see?

True lies in guise of sin.

I doubt. My fear? Unworthy.

Who could love where I have been?

His voice prevails, “be still, My son.

See lies in guise of sin."

My Rock, the LORD, has triumphed:

He who is and who has been.

My Judge? His Son: my Savior.

The Lamb, my God, did win!

The Pause of Salvation

by Paul R.S. Hanna

Inspiration: Romans 7: 15-20

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