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The Power of Time

Updated: Feb 4

With the power of time, I could change any day;

would I dare to play God and do more than just pray?

Do I slay the babe Hitler, or pray for the Jew;

do I unmake the born to see worlds born anew?

Do I free white men’s slaves, or pray for white hearts; 

do I leave friend behind to let some past restart?

Do I send back the pill and her right to cast vote;

or pray to forgive when she comes for my throat?

Do I kill all who’ve raped and become righteous judge;

or pray to end Satan’s collateral grudge?

Do I save all the martyrs; let Christ in them die?

do I steal their salvation because I can’t see why?

Can God-given rights be if God be mere man;

would I even be if I altered God’s plan?

I pray and thank God I’ve not power of time;

for my gift is far greater: the truth shared in rhyme.

The Power of Time

by Paul R.S. Hanna

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