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The Stand

There comes a time, I’ll share in rhyme, a man must take a stand.

He knows not what shall come to be, yet trusts the Lord’s good hand.

He just learned how to stand again, and now must stand his ground.

He prays for peace of mind from all that makes his heart’s drum pound.

Too much to do, where does he start? He strives to please the King.

He oft’ forgets how far he falls, not fit to kiss His ring.

He prides himself then humbles, hear the Holy Ghost’s good voice.

Reminded he that Grace abounds, he praise and sing, rejoice.

Before there was a temple now the temple be in he.

His Spirit dwells behind these eyes that cannot always see.

Step by step by day by day he heeds best His command.

On earthly ground he stumble, yet on Holy Land he stand.

The Stand

By Paul R.S. Hanna

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