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The Way (Poem & Cover Art, Song by my cousin)

Updated: Apr 19

The poem is below this video. The music playing with my piece is the song “So Good” by my cousin Thor Pitsenberger. Check him out on Spotify. God has blessed him with a phenomenal musical gift.

I do not know the man I am,

but He knows the way to the garbage can.

A bottle of puff or a puddle of stuff,

the way is quite rough but His Grace is enough.

I cry in a jam and I pray to I AM,

He shows me the way to the garbage can.

A glance in a look or a dust ridden nook,

this crook will be shook when His Book overlook.

I meek and I seek and I peek who I am,

I grow on the way to the garbage can.

The Way by Paul R.S. Hanna

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